How is your dorsiflexion?

Mark’s Daily Apple is a great web site, and one I check daily. Whilst I certainly am not dedicated enough to follow his “primal” lifestyle, his website posts always contain really useful information. Reading his post on How to Improve Ankle and Wrist Mobility the other day was a bit of an “ah ha” moment, it turned on a light bulb for me. I’ve known for a while that I have very poor ankle mobility, but reading this article and then doing a little bit more research has made me think that maybe my lack of ankle mobility is actually the cause of, or a cause of, my other problems. I am going to incorporate some of the drills shown in the videos in the above article into my home workouts.

It’s strange, because I’ve just re-read a post I made here in August 2008 after participating in a University podiatry study. This is what I wrote nearly 2 years ago;

“So what did I learn, that I have a fairly good running style with a pretty normal heel strike, forefoot to toe push-off, and that I have very little ankle flexibility due to extremely tight achilles tendons and calf muscles (tell me something I don’t know) They said it is a “risk factor” for injury and that I need to stretch more. I stretch my calves and achilles religiously now – not sure how I can do more. However they confirmed that this tightness is almost definitely related to my shin soreness. Maybe I need to seek some real professional advice. Anyway, a fun session with two nice uni students.”

So, it seems that I need to be told things multiple times before it sinks in to my thick head!

Another run tonight. 8.25km at an average pace of 5:09 min/km. Another good, hard run for this old man. One I’m pretty pleased with, because although my knee is not exactly 100%, and my calves are a little tight, I felt pretty good. Certainly nothing a good stretch and an ice pack won’t help.

I’m not sure if you remember, but last year I did the Run Melbourne 5km race with a workmate, Voj (who is 15 years younger than me) because my son Chris was registered to do it, but got injured. Well, seeing as I came in a couple of minutes before him last year, Voj has decided he wants a rematch, so I’m considering it. Bettering my 5km PB is one of my goals for this year, but I’m just a little cautious about trying to go too fast due to the injuries I’ve had recently. I’ll probably accept the challenge though.

Now you’ve finished reading this, go check out Mark’s Daily Apple.


5 Responses to “How is your dorsiflexion?”

  1. Sassycil Says:

    well done on the run!!
    kick voj’s butt! show him who is boss!

  2. JH Says:

    Yes sir!

  3. South Beach Steve Says:

    I like Mark’s site too, and like you, I don’t totally subscribe to all he says, but I respect all he says.

  4. Carla Says:

    I read Mark’s site every day too. His philosophy totally makes sense to me! I have just started his book actually.

    I like the idea of you having a re-match with this guy. You’ll show him what’s what!!!

  5. jojo Says:

    my ankle mobility is terrible too

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