Porte in pink …

Wow, what an unusual and scary stage 11 of the Giro D’Italia, leaving twenty-five year-old Tasmanian, Richie Porte now in the race lead. Given that I won’t go out on my bike in a slight shower, the conditions the guys have been riding through Italy the last few days are amazing. With 3 Australian stage wins so far (Matthew Lloyd – stage 6, Cadel Evans – stage 7 and Matthew Goss – stage 9), and two Australian pink jersey wearers (Evans and Porte), it seems Australian cycling is on the up. Brett Lancaster also took out a stage win in the Tour of California. It should be a very good Tour de France this year!

I spotted this link on Steve’s blog today – a study says that people who drink half a bottle of wine a day are healthier. Perhaps my wine free week should be abandoned!

Just a home workout tonight. I was going to try and squeeze in a ride, but it was almost dark again by the time I got home. However, a much more satisfactory week this week, exceeding my time and calories goals easily. More than twice as many calories burnt as last week.


5 Responses to “Porte in pink …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    I have so been training for that half a bottle a day gig! And like you I tried to limit my alcohol consumption this week (but it didn’t go well)- I will be back on the booze wagon immediately!

  2. Carla Says:

    Wine is probably good for you – just look at the Italians! My husband is Italian and his family members all lived to a ripe old, old age! They make their own wine of course. I love wine, but it does aggravate my asthma, so I enjoy beer more!

  3. South Beach Steve Says:

    I thought that article was interesting, but a half bottle sure seems like a bit much. I am not sure how people’s BMI is going down drinking half a bottle a day. 🙂

  4. Cilla Says:

    Half a bottle of wine is about 4 standard drinks.
    That is deemed heavy consumption by the NHMRC, but I am not sure what evidence they have based this on.
    You should be fairly safe with 2 standard drinks a night with one alcohol free day a week.
    They think that the reason why light-moderate drinkers live longer than teetotalers is that the former do a lot of other things right (like yourself, really).
    A lot of current tee-totallers are those that previously drunk heavily or those that don’t drink because of illness.

  5. Em Says:

    The Aussies have been doing very well over in Italy, starting to get excited about Le Tour now 🙂

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