Humble Pies …

A late night last night, not because of the theatre, but because we stayed up until 1am watching the replay of the Geelong vs Collingwood game on Fox Sports after we got home. What a terrific effort by the mighty Cats, putting those Magpies in their place! Great to see Cam Mooney have a great game to celebrate his 200th.

I loved some of the headlines in the papers today, but my favourite had to be in the Melbourne Herald Sun, “Cats Feast on Frozen Pies”! The images below are from their website, they have “share” icons on them so I presume it is okay to share them here, with credit to them.

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So, a slightly later than usual trip into the Victoria Market, followed by checking out the new Dan Murphy store at Essendon DFO on the way home. I bought a few bottles of red, and some beer, two of which I’ve just had (one of them a Fat Yak, which I first tried at The Transport after the Run For The Kids, a very nice beer).

Then a trip to the nursery where we bought four new plants for the garden, Kangaroo Paws, to replace some old ones that are not doing too well. We planted them when we got home, as well as constructing some climbing frames for our peas and snow peas in the vege garden.

Then it was out for a nice ride. It was still quite sunny when I left, but after the sun went down a bit it got quite chilly, and I wished I’d worn another layer. I came home really very cold, with quite numb hands, despite wearing my winter bike gloves. I really needed the beautiful minestrone soup that Adrienne had made to warm me up! Anyway, the ride was a smidge under 40km down to Moreland Rd, Essendon and back, average speed just under 26 km/hr.


One Response to “Humble Pies …”

  1. Sara Says:

    You just reminded me that I can’t find my winter gloves- tomorrow will be cold. Are you any closer to deciding to do the 21km/210 km double in October yet?

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