Frozen …

I lost all feeling in my hands and feet during my early morning ride with Herb this morning. It was 2 degrees according to the radio just before I left. I wore a few layers, and was very glad to have my nice warm 2XU cycling jacket!

We decided to ride down to Docklands for a coffee. I wanted to find the Team Degani bike shop / coffee shop as you can try on the ride jerseys there for the Degani Kinglake ride in September. We knew it was in Collins St, Docklands, but rode aimlessly around for a while without being able to find it, then decided to go have a coffee somewhere else. Being the intrepid explorers that we are, after getting warmed up with two coffees we went back and had another look and finally found it, around the back of the ANZ building. I’m glad we did find it because I probably would have ordered a size too small jersey otherwise. If you’re thinking of doing this ride, without trying on a jersey (which are part of the entry fee, and compulsory to wear) take the advice on the website and order up one size. Here’s the Garmin map of our Docklands wanderings!

A shopping trip and a walk with the dog around Craigieburn lake occupied most of the afternoon, but there was enough time for another 20km ride just before dusk.

Sara, in answer to your question about my October plans, no, I still haven’t firmed them up. The ATBIAD is looking unlikely due to a date clash with some family plans, and I’ve been negative talking myself out of being capable of finishing a half marathon too. Still not sure.


3 Responses to “Frozen …”

  1. JH Says:

    It was a bit nippy this morning wasn’t it? I went out in my usual shorts and running shirt, stupid me. I had to keep running faster to stop freezing.

  2. morseyruns Says:

    I thoroughly recommend the buff for keeping warm! It is just a tube of t-shirt material that goes around your head, around your neck etc. It is perfect for holding your hair back as well as doubling as a balaclava sometimes. I got one for free when I did the Whittlesea challenge two years ago and I have used it ever since. Love the meandering!

  3. jojo Says:

    no gloves? crazy

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