A pretty normal Saturday …

I was 73.9kg at weekly weigh-in this morning, a 600g gain on last weekend, but still well within tolerance limits.

A pretty normal Saturday, starting off as usual with our trip to the Victoria Market. We seemed to buy more fruit and vegetables today than normal, ending with one extra full shopping bag than we usually do. This is a good thing though, I think I need to increase my fruit and vegetable intake, probably haven’t been eating as well as I should recently.

We called in at Dan Murphy again on the way home from the market – seem to be doing this more frequently recently too.

A bit of housework this afternoon while Adrienne was doing some cooking, then I managed to get out for a run. I did my usual 8km loop circuit, averaged about 5:30 min/km pace, so a pretty normal run for me.

I’ve been listening to the Pink Floyd Experience today on my iPod and in the car. We bought a live CD at the concert on Thursday night, and I downloaded a few other MP3s from their web site. I gave them a pretty good rap in my review yesterday, but after listening to them on my iPod, where you get a much closer listen to the quality of the live music, I’m going to have to increase my rating of them, and this is a big statement for me – they are as good as the real thing! If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, check out some of their MP3s on their website, and if they come to your city, go see them.


One Response to “A pretty normal Saturday …”

  1. jojo Says:

    your weight has remained very constant, but you do monitor it very well

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