RIP Pete!

The main event today was the funeral of my workmate Pete, who died of lung cancer last week. It was a beautiful service, a real celebration of the life of a much loved family man, and much valued and respected work colleague. Pete was one of those lovable rogues who was always willing to help you, always had a joke ready to cheer you up, and always had an opinion on everything (often just contrary ones to liven up the conversation). A very large turn-out as was to be expected at the funeral, with Pete making his final journey, through the Macedon ranges, on a specially constructed side-car on a Harley Davidson.

My run tonight has left me feeling very sore in the calves. It was only 6.5km, average pace of 5:27 min/km, but the only difference was that I didn’t have any little stretch breaks, I ran it non-stop. Usually I stop for 30 seconds or so every couple of kilometres and give my calves a stretch. Obviously they have come to expect it and missed it terribly tonight! Still feeling sore some 4 hours later – hopefully they will recover overnight, the plan is to ride to work tomorrow.

2 Responses to “RIP Pete!”

  1. chrisfit2009 Says:


    When you do your fun runs and stuff, do you usually find that you are ahead of the crowd, or is that pace “average” over the wider population?

  2. jojo Says:

    have you tried the compression socks for helping the calves. i swear by htem

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