A foggy ride …

I had packed my backpack last night to ride to work this morning, but when I got up and saw the fog outside I very nearly caved and decided to drive. But I was strong, and got the bike gear on and headed out into the fog, all my bike lights twinkling. About 300m down the road I began to think “this was a pretty stupid idea” as I couldn’t really see where I was going, and was really worried about careening into the back of a parked car in the bike lane. However, stopping and removing my glasses made things a lot better as it appeared the main issue was the fog, fogging up my glasses. I say a lot better, which it was, but still a lot slower than usual. I think it must have been a lot “wetter” fog this morning than usual because very soon after I started I felt pretty wet, and the moisture was dripping off my helmet. A much more pleasant ride home, although it was almost dark by the time I made it back. All up, round trip was just under 28km.

In a question on yesterdays post, Chris asked me;

“When you do your fun runs and stuff, do you usually find that you are ahead of the crowd, or is that pace “average” over the wider population?”

Well Chris, the answer to that is a resounding, “It depends”. It depends on how well I run, and it depends on the field. In 2008 I managed a 2nd place medallion in my age group in a small Sri Chinmoy race, in the whole field of that race I was 24th out of 90. When I set my 10km PB in 2007 (44:01) I finished 69th out of 489 (top 14%). I was in a similar position in 2008 when I set my 4km PB (16:31), finishing 49th out of 357. Comparing a good half marathon race with a poorer one shows the difference. In 2007 when I ran my half marathon PB of 1:43, I finished 584th out of 1944 (so top 30%), a year later in 2008 I ran a much slower 1:58 and was 1500th out of 2262 (in top 66%). I guess, for a 50 year old recreational runner neither result is too bad, but a big difference in field placing. My feeling is that for me, if I run reasonably well I would be in the top half at least. Now for you, a few years younger – the sky is the limit!


2 Responses to “A foggy ride …”

  1. jojo Says:

    our pbs are quite close
    my half is 1.43 too
    my 10km is 44.35(your ahead of me!)

    did i tell you im training for the half this year. sub 100mins is hte goal.

    ps….youre usually ahead of the average pace

  2. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Thanks Andrew, I love a good post that that clears up any confusion.

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