A ride to Docklands …

I got out this morning at sun up for a decent bike ride from my place down to Docklands and back, along the Moonee Ponds Creek and Capital City Trails. The best ride I’ve had for a little while, just under 61km in just under 2.5 hours, average speed of about 25 km/hr. Whilst down at Docklands I called into the TeamDegani bike shop to do some birthday shopping for myself. I’m considering getting a Garmin Edge 500 bike computer. I’ve been using my Forerunner 405 watch on the bike, and it works just fine, but the only problem is that the battery life seems to be reducing with age (bit like it’s owner), and it only lasts for a bit under 5 hours now, not long enough for long bike rides (it stopped about 20kms from the end of the Great Ocean Otway ride in March). Also the Edge 500 would add some bike specific functions too. They didn’t have stock, due to a new model, but this may work in my favour as there is an upcoming Tour de France sale, so may get it cheaper by waiting.

The fellow who served me looked familiar, but I initially couldn’t place him. Then we started talking about the TdF and I asked “Are you ready for a few sleepless nights”, and when he responded “Well, I’ll be over there, I’ve covered the last 14 tours” it clicked who it was. It was John Trevorrow a well-known cycling journalist who’s DVD “Detour de France” I’ve got. When I mentioned I had the DVD he was quick to point out that “It’s a bit exaggerated, we aren’t always that drunk” 🙂 So, I had a nice little chat about the tour form with John – made my morning even if I didn’t get my Garmin.

I’ve entered two events today;

  • Run Melbourne 5km run – July 18th
  • Degani Kinglake 120km bike ride – September 12th

I think I need some events on the calendar to keep my training mojo going.

I saw this the other day, it made me smile.

In answer to some recent comments;

  • Whilst understanding Sara’s and Em’s nervousness (which I shared the first couple of times I flew Rex), I have to agree with Kathryn, I enjoy flying with them now. The flight into Burnie is beautiful, that part of the Tassie coast is stunning, if you’re sitting on the right side of the plane you even get a nice view of the Stanley Nut.
  • John, what happened to England? The biggest goalkeeper fluff I’ve seen for some time, that’s what happened. Not an awe inspiring performance that’s for sure. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!
  • Yes, Em we’ve been watching a bit of Seinfeld this weekend too. Not that we don’t normally, just this weekend I can save the few minutes deciding which episode to watch and getting the DVD out!
  • Sara my goal for this year is just to “Complete a half marathon”, so I am pretty sure I will join you on MM day in the half. I’d still like to be in decent shape to get a decent time though. Also, we have a few family things in October, so I’m just going to leave registration until I’m sure of a few dates. I’m pretty sure I’m unable to do ATBIAD, but hopefully MM will work out.
  • Jo, wow, your dad is living one of my “bucket list” items! I’d love to hear how he went and how he enjoyed it when he gets back!

3 Responses to “A ride to Docklands …”

  1. AndrewENZ Says:

    Isn’t the Melbourne 5K the one you had issues with last year?

    • Andrew(AJH) Says:

      No, that was the 5k at the Melbourne Marathon event in October. Run Melbourne is run by StartToFinish, a reputable, capable organisation in my previous experience.

  2. jojo Says:

    im sure dad will love it!!! hes quite excited. also try drivengps.com-they have refurbished ones at great prices(dont forget to convert into AUD though. i got my 305 for $200 AUD including postage

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