Sun up, sun down …

Well, I was out riding my bike as the sun was coming up this morning (41km ride including 3 laps of the hilly circuit that Deb and I run most Mondays) and was out running as the sun was going down (6km loop around home @ 5:13 min/km).

The run was to try out a new purchase I got today (early birthday present). I’d seen the 2XU Active Running Vest advertised in the “Vested Interest” article in the latest Runner’s World magazine. I love 2XU gear. It was advertised as $115 in RW, but I picked mine up at the DFO South Wharf store for $40 so was very happy with that.

It is technical fabric, nice and snug with vents for added breathability. It also has a few convenient little zipped pockets. I think it might make it easier to get out on the chilly mornings!


8 Responses to “Sun up, sun down …”

  1. Sassycil Says:

    ooooh, that’s cheap! the vest, that is!

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    At that price how could you resist?

  3. Eat Em Says:

    I finally relented and bought winter riding gear this year (after 3 winters of getting by -just)

    Got a BMC long sleeve fleecy jersey, a Louis Garneau membrane jacket, a Nalini thermal undervest and Pearl Izumi gloves – no more frozen fingers. Michelle & I did a cruisy 90kms yesterday – sunny but cold.
    It is a shame that Kinglake is the same weekend as the Fruitloop Ride in Shepparton … very annoying !!!!

    Enjoy the Garmin when you get it … 🙂

  4. aspkin Says:

    Nice, I wish I could get up and want to go workout like that.

    I thinking I’m slipping lately.. 😦

  5. jojo Says:

    oooooh BARGAIN

  6. morseyruns Says:

    More information!
    Where do I get one??

  7. Carla Says:

    I love getting new workout gear. I find it makes it that much more fun to get out and get some exercise! I also love bargains even more! 🙂 You will be nice and toasty warm on those cold mornings.

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