Moisturised …

One of the things that my skin specialist told me I had to do to defeat my eczema was to use a moisturiser (all over basically) morning and night. She even gave me a prescription based one for night time, but advised that it was probably a bit too greasy to use during the day. Well, Adrienne wasn’t too keen on this moisturised man getting our bed sheets greasy every night either, so my solution was to buy some long thermals and wear them to bed. Boy, have I been as snug as a bug in a rug since making that decision … these cold nights, I’m wondering why I didn’t do it before! The other advantage is that the night time moisturiser is so hard to rub in that I give myself a good old massage in the process. The only problem is that all the ointments and moisturiser are adding 15 minutes to my morning and night time routine.

I had planned a run after work tonight, but it was so cold and windy. I steeled myself on the drive home trying to convince myself I should run. Then as I passed the local shopping centre I noticed the mobile library van was there, and I’d finished both my library books, so the run got canned and I went home and got my library books and went to the library instead.

I’m reading Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Blueprint” at the moment, with a view to changing my diet. It really is a good book, but I think my path to “primal” is going to be many, many small steps. It looks so hard to comply 100%.

A home workout after dinner was the exercise for the day.

Edit: One more thing, is anyone else having sporadic response time problems with Bloglines? Or, what other blog readers do you use and recommend?


4 Responses to “Moisturised …”

  1. AndrewENZ Says:

    I recommend Google Reader.

  2. Carla Says:

    I am using Google Reader too, but it’s hard to comment with it! To comment you have to go to the actual blog anyway, so what’s the point? Unless I’m doing something wrong??

    The Primal Blueprint does look very difficult. I am not doing it all at once either, although some people say that it’s better to go cold turkey. I am trying to improve my habits one day at a time!!!

    You would think that your wife would dislike you wearing pyjamas just as much as the moisturizer! LOL! 😉

  3. Louise Says:

    Yes, Bloglines is misbehaving for me too. A lot of timeouts and “server failures”.

  4. kathryn Says:

    Phhhtt 15 extra minutes… try being a girl!

    Actually I don’t think I even spend 15 minutes getting ready, maybe I should try being a girl myself 🙂

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