A better week …

After being disappointed with last weeks exercise effort, I set the goal of exercising every day this week, and with the exercise journal week closing tonight, I’m happy to say it was a goal successfully achieved. 5368 calories and 8:05 hours of exercise were well ahead of the yearly average goal of 4000 calories and 6 hours too.

Combined with some other eating changes this week, like no alcohol, no work lolly jar, healthier snacks and more fruit/salad/vegetables, I’m expecting a good result on the scale on Saturday too.

Tonights exercise was a 6km run around my “Greenvale loop” which definitely required the new running vest and gloves. I just ran a relaxed pace (whatever felt easy), which ended up being about 5:30 min/km. It has however left my calves a bit sore and tight again.

I’ve imported all my Bloglines subscriptions into Google Reader and will try it for a bit. Thanks to those who recommended it.


4 Responses to “A better week …”

  1. cilla Says:

    I am concentrating on 2 fruit and 5 veg, doesn’t leave room for a lot of other stuff, I am finding.

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    I’ve been focusing on eating clean as well. Here’s to a good week!

  3. katsmumblings Says:

    It seems whenever I have a bad week training others do too and when they have a good week I seem to be back on track also. Funny that.

    Fantastic calorie burn – wish I could do that in one week.

  4. Sassycil Says:

    happy birthday for tomorrow.

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