A great party and a quieter family celebration …

Kate’s 21st birthday party last night went really well, she (and all her friends) had a wonderful time I think. We had the celebration at the Carron, a hotel on Spencer Street in the city. The only miscalculation we made was forgetting that there was a football game at Etihad Stadium which made parking extremely difficult to find when we arrived. This just meant that we ended up parking both cars up near Victoria Market (a 4 or 5 block walk), then I had a couple of walks to retrieve both cars once the football was finished and the parks nearby freed up.

The venue was really good, staff friendly, DJ good, finger food of high quality and the kids behaved themselves (although the bar tab went at a furious rate). The main thing of course was that Kate had a great time – which she did! We were kicked out at 1am, and by the time I gave some lifts home, including a Maccca’s stop, it was after 2am by the time we fell into bed.

7:30am came around quickly, and Herb arrived for our arranged ride. It was drizzly wet and a bit miserable, but we managed an easy 32km with a coffee stop at the Westmeadows Bakery on the way home.

Family came up for lunch, along with a few of Kate’s close friends, and this was very nice too, a lot quieter than the night before.

I can’t believe that my baby, my little princess, is 21 – I’m getting old!

Jo, I’m currently trying to modify my diet a bit, in line with the guidance given in a book called The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson. Mark’s website has the information in the book too. His theory is to recommend a diet and lifestyle based on what our caveman ancestors did, and his theory says that grain and grain based products were not amongst the caveman’s diet. He says that we should get the majority of our carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables, not grains. The theory presented in his book, about how weight loss and healthy living is based largely around insulin activity in the body, and how breads and other processed carbohydrates play havoc with this, is quite compelling. So, that’s what I’m trying.


4 Responses to “A great party and a quieter family celebration …”

  1. jojo Says:

    cool ajh i will take a look. i think i get the majority of my carbs from wine…lol

  2. morseyruns Says:

    It is the caveman lifestyle bit that worries me- I mean I don’t mind a bit of camping and I don’t mind a hairy chest on blokes, but I am not sure if I could go full caveman!

  3. Liz T Says:

    My sister has tried a simliar diet of no wheat and has lost lots of weight lately. She said the hardest to give up was Pizza…. That would be the hardest for me as well. I eat it at least twice a week! I recall you also being a fan of it too? I think the best thing to do is to find subsitutes. She has found other breads she can have that do not have gluten in them or that are sprouted. Not sure exactly but I plan to find out when I visit with her next month! I will let you know if I learn any secrets to success!

  4. shells Says:

    Apparently when Dean Karnazes is not racing he eats a “Paleolithic” or “Neanderthal” Diet, based on the question “Would a Neanderthal Man have had access to this food?” I like the idea of it. Though am not disciplined enough to stick to it!

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