A new favourite chocolate …

Well, the car didn’t start again this morning. The RACV man came pretty quickly and determined it was just a stuffed battery, and got me jump started. So, a new battery has been installed and hopefully we’ll be right for another five years.

My love affair with Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with Chilli is well-documented on this blog, but I think I’ve found a new favourite (well, at least equal favourite). It’s the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with A Touch of Sea Salt. The same divine dark chocolate, but every now and then you get a little crystal of sea salt dissolving on your tongue. It sounds a bit weird, but it is divine! So, check out your local supermarket and give it a try.

A 6km run tonight after work, average pace 5:18. A little soreness in the calves now, I guess from running two days in a row, something I’m not doing too frequently these days. Much of tonights run was in the dark – at least the shortest day is now passed, so the days should be getting longer.

4 Responses to “A new favourite chocolate …”

  1. jojo Says:

    go the LONGER days..woohoo.. i love salt so im sure i would enjoy the choccy

  2. morseyruns Says:

    I bought a few of the pear ones- gotta love how cheap they are at the moment!

  3. Carla Says:

    I.LOVE.LINDT. I mean I really love it. Since I have a slight – ahem – problem with chocolate, I have been eating their dark ones, and they are fabulous!!!

  4. Margot Says:

    I just tried that chocolate! At least at think it was that one.. they also have a chili one in the same range? The chili one I could do without….

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