I couldn’t think of a post title for todays post, so just used the first word that came into my head. You might think it is because it rained today, but it isn’t, it was because Rain (Status Quo) is playing on my iPod.

I’d lost another 700g this week at weigh this morning, down to 71.4kg.

We started off the day with our Victoria Market shopping trip as usual and stocked up on lots of great fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and yoghurt. The greek yoghurt we buy is so yummy, today we bought two containers rather than the one we normally buy because I’ve been eating more yoghurt than usual the last week or so. When we got home I took Kate out shopping too, she had to buy a birthday present. She has three 21st birthday parties to go to tonight. I’m glad my social calendar isn’t as full as hers!

I was umming and aahing about whether or not I’d go out for a ride or not today as it was very cold and still a bit drizzly. Then I went and read some blogs and read Sara’s post about her 3 hour, 70km+ ride in the rain this morning and thought that I should stop being so lazy and get out for a ride. I only managed less than half of Sara’s effort (34km), even though I had much better weather, but was really glad I went, I came back feeling cold but much better than when I left! Thanks for the inspiration Sara!

Kat, no it wasn’t me at 2XU today, must have been a doppleganger!


One Response to “Rain”

  1. kathryn Says:

    Yum, I want greek yoghurt. Yoghurt is one of those things I have fads on, sometimes can’t get enough of it and other times it goes off in the fridge.

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