Catching my breath …

Wow, Monday and Tuesday have been so busy, it’s time to catch my breath.

No exercise either day, so pretty much four days of no exercise for me (if I discount the aborted bike ride on Saturday). What’s amazing, is that the last couple of days I’ve had a bit of a twingy hamstring and my (usually) good knee has been very achey (especially at night). Maybe it’s caused by the lack of exercise.

Monday night was out for a meal with my boss and a few workmates. We went to Chartruese in Niddrie which is always a nice meal. So, with meals out and no exercise I think I might regain some of that weight buffer I’ve built over recent weeks.

Another day trip down to Burnie yesterday, which makes for a long and tiring day. Fortunately the flights down and back were very smooth.

Today I rode to work and back, so clocked up 25km on the bike at least, and just completed a 30 minute home workout.

A day off work tomorrow, but for a family funeral down in Geelong.


One Response to “Catching my breath …”

  1. jojo Says:

    a few days off exercise wont cause too much weight gain

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