An early ride …

Out for an early ride this morning, leaving about 7:30am. I did just over 42kms, mainly on the bike tracks between home and work, including 3 laps of the hilly 8km loop that I normally run with Deb. Returned home with frozen feet and hands again, but a very enjoyable ride, average speed just under 25km/hr.

Then Adrienne, Chris and I headed down to Geelong for the funeral of Adrienne’s brother’s wife who died over the weekend after a long illness. A lovely funeral service for a lovely lady. On the way home we also called in briefly to say hi to my mum and dad.

A weird day foodwise, with a small breakfast, no lunch, then a few too many scones and cakes at the post-funeral gathering, then just some fruit salad for tea.


2 Responses to “An early ride …”

  1. Sassycil Says:

    scone and cakes – excellent food for a funeral, it is only fitting.
    I am really looking forward to seeing you on sunday.
    Cilla 🙂

  2. Carla Says:

    Sorry about the loss in your family Andrew.

    I love reading about how cold you are while exercising because here it has been +34 C for the last several days! I am not going outside at all until evening!

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