A windy 31km ride …

As expected after the light exercise week, and a couple of meals out, the weight was up a bit this week, up 1.3kg to 72.2kg, but still well within my <75kg goal.

The day started as usual with our shopping trip to the Victoria Market.

After lunch I decided to brave the gale force winds and light drizzle and head out for a ride. It was almost dangerously windy, especially when it was a crosswind, so I stuck to the bike paths for the majority of the ride. The sun did come out and the rain held off for the most part, but the wind was unrelenting. I headed south, so had a headwind for the return trip home, and it was tough going, having to actually stand up on the bike at some points, even though I was on the flat. I had planned to do 40km, but 31km was enough and I returned home quite tired, but very satisfied – really a very enjoyable ride.

Then spent an hour or so listening to Geelong vs Hawthorn on the radio, then watching the last quarter of the delayed TV broadcast. Geez, Geelong vs Hawthorn games are always such tough affairs, there will be a few sore bodies on both teams tomorrow I think. So, I was very happy with the very hard fought win for Geelong.

A short home workout before dinner, now it is to be a quiet night in front of the television. Then the first stage with some reasonable hills in the tour.

Jo and Em – thanks for your positivity regarding next weeks race. Spurred by your positive thoughts I actually went back and read my blog entries for the week leading up to last years race, and the race report. I think that my preparation, and injury status last year was actually worse, and I’m 2kg lighter now than then, so maybe, just maybe there might be a good result. There’s some positive voices inside my head now anyway, that’s gotta help.


4 Responses to “A windy 31km ride …”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Good training Andrew, and good blogging – I must update mine too!

    Strong win to the Cats. They can play better than they did but I don’t think Hawthorn can. Still should be a repeat of the 2009 Grand Final. But who will win this year?

  2. jojo Says:

    yep sounds like the 31km was the same effort as a 40km NON windy ride woulda been. gotta know when to ‘fold em’ sometimes

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Wow- it was gale force and gusty at the farm, no way was I leaving the hearth or my game of scrabble for that! You are way tougher than I!

  4. AndrewENZ Says:

    That’s fantastic weight control. You’re an ongoing inspiration!

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