A nice evening …

I had a great evening on Sunday at Cilla and Ian’s place. Lots of nice food; Cilla’s home made quiche, Tassie smoked salmon, sourdough bread, more types of cheese than I’ve seen in a while, stuffed olives, stuffed peppers, dips and a killer choccie cake for desert. And then there was warm mulled wine which I’ve never had before and which was delicious. It was great to meet Kat for the first time too – I love meeting blog buddies, it is really weird to meet someone for the first time, but to feel that you already know them so well.

Internet issues at home last night is the reason for no post last night. Weird problems with our ISP that caused some websites (including this one) not to work on all the computers in the house.

Exercise yesterday was riding to and from work (35kms total) and today just a short home workout.


3 Responses to “A nice evening …”

  1. AndrewENZ Says:

    That dinner sounds great!

  2. jojo Says:

    it is always fun to meet fellow bloggers. even better to run with them 🙂

  3. Scarlett Says:

    oh my god, that’s the sort of food I’ve been wanting to eat SO BADLY. Olives and cheeses and bikkies etc. I hope you enjoyed it enough for the both of us 😀

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