Glenn Shorrock

Well, again a couple of days between posts, due to just being really busy. Work is nuts at the moment, seem to be so busy, but not really getting anywhere … it’s very frustrating.

I got out on the bike on Thursday night, riding after I got home, until slightly after dark, managing just over 26km in almost exactly an hour.

Last night Adrienne and I went to see Glenn Shorrock in concert at the Regent Theatre. He was really good, still singing well, and doing a lot of the old Twilights, Axiom and Little River Band hits. He had a good 14 piece band with him including a 4 person string section, a 4 person brass/wind section, 3 guitarists, a keyboard player and 2 drummers/percussionists. My favourite song he did was “Little Ray of Sunshine”. We also enjoyed a quick dinner at the RACV City Club Bistro beforehand. We got home about 11:30pm and I did a couple of hours work while watching the end of the TdF stage.

I was slightly (100g) under last week at weigh in this morning (72.1kg), so I was happy with that.

It was a beautiful sunny morning this morning while we were walking around the Victoria Market, but I’ve just got back from a 43km bike ride and it was really cold and windy again – at least it didn’t rain, so I guess I should be thankful.

We’re going out to friends for dinner tonight, then I think when we get home it might have to be another couple of hours of catching up on work watching Le Tour.

Workmate Voj has pulled out of our challenge race at tomorrow’s Run Melbourne 5km siting numerous excuses, but I think just running scared! Anyway, for me that might be good, now I can just run my own race. I plan to go out at PB pace and see how it goes, I’m not confident I can keep it up for 5km, but not having tried for so long, who knows?

5 Responses to “Glenn Shorrock”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    Tell your workmate he is soft.
    Maybe you should start out comfortable and give it a good push in the last 2-3 km.

  2. katsmumblings Says:

    Guess you psyched him out even before you saw each other at the start line. So that makes two wins from two. Well done. Do you get a bottle of wine for that?

    Good luck on your PB attempt.

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Good luck for tomorrow- hope you have a great run!

  4. Margot Says:

    Not that I’ve had much experience at it, but I don’t like running with other people. Either they’re making me go faster than I naturally can and tiring me too early, or they’re going to slow and tiring me that way!

  5. AndrewENZ Says:

    I hope you have a blast in your race today!

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