The Run Melbourne full results were up on the web site today, but they were having trouble with their server so they just published the complete results spreadsheets. I prefer this, I love to see all the results and actually be able to easily work out where I finished in my gender and age group. Often they tell you your place, but not the total number of people in the group. And, I’m just “a spreadsheety kind of guy” (my boss told me that, and he’s right).

My result on Sunday is actually one of my best ever. I once finished third in my age group in a Sri Chinmoy event, but they are much smaller, and I suspect that on that particular occassion there may have actually only have been three people in my age group! Overall on Sunday I finished 91st out of 4452 (or top 2.0%), out of all males I finished 82nd out of 1372 (or top 6.0%) and out of males 50-59 I finished 4th out of 119 (or top 3.4%).

It’s also interesting to look quickly at the demographics. As is usual for events like this, the ladies outnumbered the guys (55.2% to 44.8%), but as you’ll see in the table below the guys seem to like to “go longer” with the numbers in the 10km being similar to the overall, but the guys outnumbering the ladies easily in the half marathon.

Gender 5km 10km HM
Female 69.2% 55.9% 37.2%
Male 30.8% 44.1% 62.8%

Looking at it by age group is also interesting. It seems that you need to be into your 30s to start thinking that running longer distances is a good idea!

Age  5km 10km HM
U18 13.4% 3.6% 0.6%
18-29 29.1% 33.6% 28.2%
30-49 46.3% 54.8% 62.9%
50+ 11.2% 8.0% 8.3%

A bike ride after work tonight – 23km at about 26 km/hr. I was caught by surprise tonight at how quickly it gets colder after the sun goes down – brrrrr !!

6 Responses to “Demographics”

  1. Cilla Says:

    But takes one to know one.

  2. Em Says:

    😆 you are a data nut like me, I LOVE getting ahold of the results spreadsheet, sad innit!

  3. kathryn Says:

    Yeah but where are the graphs? That info is so pie chart-able!

  4. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Sounds like an awesome effort to me. Top 6% is just brilliant, top 2% even better. And 22mins – wow!

  5. JH Says:

    “spreadsheety kind of guy”. I’m not sure that’s a compliment.

  6. AndrewENZ Says:

    I love my data!

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