A feel-good workout

My exercise mojo seems to have deserted me again, with today ending the second exercise journal week in a row where I’ve failed to achieve my exercise goals for the year (6 hours & 4,000 calories). I’m still on track with the goal though, having met both goals two out of every three weeks so far, and am more than 10% ahead on both year-to-date.

Work is really getting me down again and I’m really looking forward to our week on the Sunshine Coast next week.

A good, longer than usual, workout after tea tonight made me feel a bit better. Sitting on the exercise bike during the second set tonight, feeling a drip of sweat run down my face, was a real “Sweat=Bliss” moment.


2 Responses to “A feel-good workout”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    A good workout always makes me feel better. I find I don’t feel like doing any exercise and make myself do it, they are often the best ones and make me feel very happy with myself. Keep plodding along – a new month starts soon.

  2. jojo Says:

    totally understand tht sweat-bliss moment, have totally missed it this week. as soon as you cant exercise, youre dying to do it

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