Hello from the Sunshine Coast

Well it’s been a few internet free days due to a glitch of some sort with the 3G card in the iPad, but the nice man in the Buderim Telstra shop got me sorted out today. So here’s a bit of a catch-up.

The budget Jetstar flight was uneventful and pretty smooth, and left and arrived on-time, which is all you can ask, I guess. The house we’ve rented in Buderim is beautiful, with forest views from the back balcony. We had a wallaby visitor the first night, and have had rainbow lorikeets and king parrots feeding from the seed tray at breakfast the last two mornings. We went round to Adrienne’s cousins for dinner and had a lovely time. Fortunately they are Geelong supporters too, so we also watched the Cats beat the Swans.

We spent most of today exploring Maloolabah, including a canal cruise and visiting Underwater World. Pizza for lunch and fish and chips for tea. A nice walk along the beach path and out along the spit, watching the sunset was a nice end to the day.

We did the forest hinterland drive today, taking in Maleny, Kenilworth and Montville. The first stop was the Mary Cairncross Gardens, with beautiful views of the Glasshouse Mountains and a nice rainforest walk. Coffee and cake in Maleny, lunch in Kenilworth and more coffee and cake in Montville meant we didn’t need much for dinner. Montville was the nicest of the little towns with lots of beautiful craft shops, a great chocolate shop and a fudge shop called Fudgy Boombah!

After returning home from our drive I headed out for my first run of the holiday. If you’ve ever been to Buderim, you’ll know it is extremely hilly. I only ran 6km, but I can honestly say it was the hardest 6km run I’ve ever done. I don’t know which was worse, the uphills or the downhills, but my quads are killing me today.

This morning we did the little walk down to the Buderim waterfall, then Adrienne’s cousin took us and showed us around Caloundra and the surrounding area, including a nice lunch in Alfie Langer’s restaurant “Moo”. Then, seeing as they were so nice we went back down to the Maloolabah Fish Markets and had fish and chips again, and another nice sunset walk.


2 Responses to “Hello from the Sunshine Coast”

  1. JH Says:

    Hello from Ringwood! Doesn’t have quite the same ring does it?

    Have a great time.

  2. katsmumblings Says:

    Sounds like you are having a nice relaxing week.

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