Worst week for the year …

Well, no exercise again today, which makes this week, with just one day with an entry in the training journel, the worst week for the year.

Despite the low week, still ahead on average for the year by over 9% on time and 7% on calories. Even more surprisingly, the extra “holiday weight” seems to be disappearing too. Weird.

Out to tea tonight to the RACV City Club with work colleagues, where I had a really nice vegetable curry.

Thanks for your comments yesterday, Canute1 as usual your detailed comment is appreciated as is the encouragement that your bout seemed to disappear for 20+ years. DarnFitness, no I didn’t take any research to the GP, my research was after the doctors visit, resulting from what I saw as a very disappointing amount of examination from the doctor, and the fact that I pretty much had to push him to get the paperwork for the blood test and x-ray. I will certainly get the tests done and seek more expert advice based on the results.

2 Responses to “Worst week for the year …”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    Just think of the down time on exercising as refreshing your body for the next phase of your half marathon training.

  2. aroset Says:

    How do you possibly get a graph like that?

    And good luck with figuring out the mystery of the thumb, it’s the small things that knock us off our path when we least expect it, letting us know yep- we use that part of the body a lot more than we realise! I know you’ll be smart about it though.

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