The Gods were angry …

The cycling gods that is, and it was me they were angry with.

Firstly, they made it so damned windy today, when they knew I wanted to go for a ride. Secondly, they reigned tyre problems down on me. Last night I fixed a slow puncture in my rear tyre. Today I decided to go for a ride, despite the wind, deciding to do 40km – 20km down the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail from home, and 20kms back. I headed out shortly after 1pm. The ride out was pretty easy, downhill mostly and with the wind mostly at my back. I knew the ride home was going to be hard, but for most of the ride out I was actually looking forward to the turn-around into the wind. I felt like I wanted to put in the extra effort. After the turn-around it was tough – but great too. The quads were tiring and starting to burn, and it was harder actually handling the bike in the wind, but it felt wonderful. Then, 8km from home, you guessed it, another puncture (front tyre this time). I pushed the bike a few hundred metres into some semblance of shelter from the wind and proceeded to fix it. I rang Adrienne to let her know I was going to be longer than expected so she wouldn’t worry about me. I removed the wheel, put in a spare tube, replaced the wheel and was pumping it up when the whole valve stem broke off the tube – doh! Now usually I carry two spare tubes, but last night when I fixed the rear tyre, I didn’t replace the tube I used. So, back on the phone to Adrienne to beg for her to come get me (which she kindly did). The wind blew my bike over too and dinged up the left brake/gear lever a bit. I told you they were angry with me.

So, back at home, another puncture to fix. I have to say that I had more difficulty with the puncture repairs yesterday and today, due to my sore thumb – it made it hard (and slightly painful).

Anyway, I decided that it was too windy to go out again, so I decided to finish off with a 30 minute home workout, including some exercise bike to make up for the 8km shortfall from the ride!

This morning at weigh-in I was back down to 71.9kg, 2.4kg down since the start of the week, and only 300g heavier than my pre-holiday weight. It’s gratifying to see the body adjusting back down to “fighting weight” without really doing a lot of exercise this week. Just returning to normal eating patterns is obviously a major factor.

Good luck to Lisa and Michelle tomorrow!


6 Responses to “The Gods were angry …”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    wow – you are tough going out for a ride in that wind!

  2. offthelongrun Says:

    With your kind of luck, I hope you’re supporting Wigan, Stoke, WBA, Blackpool in the EPL this year!

  3. Scarlett Says:

    Reading about how often you have to repair your bike, I admit, is something that has deterred me from cycling a lot. I would love to ride and get into it but that sort of ride, and having no idea where to even begin with fixing a bike, is enough reason for me to stick with running! But great going for getting out there in the wind, as katsmumblings said.

  4. morseyruns Says:

    You are far braving than me! I had a run and it was horrible and I am about to check the weather for wind tomorrow morning- otherwise the trainer might get a workout!
    My race number is 9155. You must have just beaten me.

  5. jojo Says:

    yeo your body must be used to the lower weight

  6. sassydrcil Says:

    I think Runners world should do an article on Duckgirl. She is AMAZING.

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