Inspiration x 2

Today, the stories of two inspirational friends of mine.

Firstly, Michelle. Michelle is gutsy. Michelle reminds me of the Energizer bunny, because she just keeps going. Michelle does not know what the words “give in” mean. On her blog, her blog header says “I am a little yellow rubber duck, I cannot be crushed, I cannot be broken, I bounce back, I will always rise to the surface!” which describes her perfectly.

Michelle is an ultra-marathon runner, who has a goal to run 50 ultra-marathons before she is 50. I can still remember the first run that I went on with Michelle. It was early in my running career, I can’t remember the distance, but can remember that it was out in the Eastern suburbs somewhere and it was a long run for me. I also seem to remember that Michelle had run some distance to get to the start, and then ran home afterwards.

Today Michelle was competing in the Tan Ultramarathon, in the 100km event. That’s right, 100km, 26 laps of the Tan! I drove down about 8am, and joined Michelle for three laps of the Tan (I think they were her 4th, 5th and 6th laps). She was going along strongly, with lots of support and encouragement from Mark of course. At the last report I got she was a few laps from the end of her ultra!

Michelle, your mental strength and physical powers of endurance are an inspiration to us all! Congratulations on a superb effort today!

Secondly, Lisa. Lisa is gutsy too. Some of you may remember Lisa as “RunMumRun” from her blog, which hasn’t been active for a while. Lisa was an active runner but had some knee problems that resulted in a knee reconstruction a few years back. After the reconstruction there were some complications, and I think for a while Lisa thought she may not run again. But Lisa is like Michelle, she doesn’t give up easily either. Recently she has been running a lot more.

Today Lisa competed in the Adelaide Marathon, running her first ever full marathon. She had a goal time of 4:30, but blitzed that, finishing the 42.2km in an amazing 3:51:10! Lisa, you’re an inspiration too! I’m definitely going to have to try another marathon next year now.

So, for me, 12km with Michelle, at about 6 min/km pace. But that really pales into insignificance doesn’t it when compared to the ladies efforts above.

Adrienne and I had planned lunch in Lygon St today but failed to register that it was Melbourne Uni Open Day today, so there wasn’t a car park anywhere, so we carried on into the city and had lunch in a little lane way cafe. We were looking for a book we’d seen in the library of the B&B we stayed in. It’s a UniNSW publication, available on their website for $41.95 including postage. Borders didn’t have it, but their online store has it for $54.95. So, I checked Amazon and BookDepository. Amazon price including postage was $33, BookDepository was $25 with no delivery charges. So, I ordered it from BookDepository along with another book I wanted for under $16 (Borders price $32.99). Why is it that we have to pay so much for books, when buying locally? My recommendation is BookDepository

Edit: Just heard from Michelle, she finished the 100km Ultra in 11:31. Gulp!


3 Responses to “Inspiration x 2”

  1. offthelongrun Says:

    Well done to Michelle and Lisa-

    100k in 11.5 hours- takes a while to sink in doesn’t it? just mind blowing.

  2. jojo Says:

    its a helluva long time to run. but dont denigrate your own run today. your goals are different. i can tel you now tht i have no intention of doing a 100km run but it doesnt mean my goals and aspirations arent important too!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words Andrew. And a huge thank you for coming and running with me, it was lovely to chat and run with you, and it helped me along more than you know.

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