Sore back …

I have a really sore back for some reason. Maybe I did something during last night’s workout. I just messaged Deb and told her I won’t be able to make our scheduled run in the morning, which really pisses me off because I was really looking forward to it.

I finally got around to having my blood test and x-ray today for the suspected arthritis in my thumb. After the late afternoon appointment I got home a bit earlier than normal and thought I might get in a longer ride than usual. However, the ride was again cut short by rain, at just under 19km.

Can you believe I actually barbecued our tea tonight? Lucky we have a covered deck with all-weather blinds.


4 Responses to “Sore back …”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    you caught the sore back from me. It’s contagious. I have had 2 glasses of wine after the shitty stuff today lalalalaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Scarlett Says:

    ROFL @ Cil.

    Back problems are the worst- they make you so immobile and you realise how much you’re able to do without the pain, but the upside is when you heal up you’ll feel twice as grateful to do all the things you do 😀 Not that we really wanted that in the first place…

  3. offthelongrun Says:

    BBQ’d tea is the best – we do it often, including roasts

  4. jojo Says:

    mmm love bbq. you know how i feel about stupid back-utmost sympathies

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