Monthly wrap …

Phew, a really hard ride tonight in the wind, and pretty cold too. Perfect timing though, arriving home from my 20km ride just as it was getting dark and starting to rain.

Monthly Summary

Running: 49 km at 6:00 min/km (YTD 368 km at 5:39 min/km)
Cycling: 373 km at 25.4 kms/hr (YTD 3,290 km at 24.5 km/hr)
Swimming: No swims (YTD 13 swims – 11.3 hours)
Other: 4 home workouts (YTD 93)

Another low running month, but about average for what I’ve been doing this year. I think that downgrading my half marathon to the 10k is the right move, if I’m struggling to reach 50km in a month. A reasonable month on the bike though, especially considering what the weather has been like, and the fact that I was away on holidays for over a week. I’ve fallen slightly behind (about 40km) of my 5,000km for the year goal though. No swimming for the month as I still haven’t got completely rid of the eczema. Home workouts were down too, mainly due to the back injury I had for a couple of weeks.

22.5 hours and 16,631 calories recorded in the training journal for August.


3 Responses to “Monthly wrap …”

  1. Carla Says:

    That is a lot of exercise! I like how you have everything recorded. I think I will start doing that!!!

  2. AndrewE Says:

    The weather will start getting better soon I hope!

  3. jojo Says:

    yep definitely good call on the 10km. having just completed a horrible half, i certainly wont be contemplating one for a while

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