Fast …

When the wind is from the north I often head south down the Mickleham Rd hill to satisfy my occassional “need for speed”. As you can see from the Garmin ride summary above, it was a good job Mr Policeman wasn’t around, because it is a 70 km/hr zone. I headed out planning to do 30 km, and ended up with 30.06 km, so pretty much to plan.

Tish, I don’t eat a fully primal diet, but I have recently modified my diet somewhat. I have been a regular reader of Mark Sisson’s “Marks Daily Apple” web site and recently bought and read his Primal Blueprint book. I’ve essentially cut out bread and cereals and am eating more fruit and vegetables. I’ve been feeling a lot better since the change too, I used to get fairly regular minor stomach upsets but really haven’t had any since the change.

Kat, I have done a few spin classes in my time (when I say a few, I really mean about 3), and they were a couple of years ago at least. I remember them being very hard and have remember sweating heaps. But, I really didn’t enjoy it. It’s a bit like running on a treadmill to me, nowhere near as much fun as getting outside and doing the real thing. We have an exercise bike at home too (not a proper spin bike), and I use it a bit during my home workouts but only as a warm-up.


6 Responses to “Fast …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    I am sure anyone who pulled you over for that speed on the pushy would be just stopping you to say how impressed they were! Imagine coming off at that speed! I have stopped on hills before because I got the wobbles up and couldn’t hold the bike still anymore.

  2. Scarlett Says:

    Agreed about the bread/rice stuff. I know you suggested it etc, and generally there is just a heaviness that happens when I eat breads. And when I’m on this basically vegetarian diet and leave all that aside the moment it goes into my body I feel myself fatiguing. Obviously as you’ve read it’s caused my weight to plateau too.

    I do love the breads, but I’m glad you’re noticing the difference too. Nice going on the speed! Going that fast on a bike would freak me out!

  3. offthelongrun Says:

    Mate at 72kph, you wouldn’t want to be coming to a sudden stop! Nevertheless – I’m impressed

  4. Tish Says:

    Wow–great ride. It’s fun to see the stats. I notice that you’ve come to the lovely spring temps, just as we are starting to enjoy our fall cool down here. I plan to take full advantage of this great weather and do some serious biking.
    Thanks for answering my question. I bought the Refuse to Regain book which, among other things, promotes the Paleo diet (essentially the same as the Primal diet). I am pretty much there, except I still eat cereal (shredded wheat) for breakfast and have a few processed foods in my diet (dark chocolate for one!). It was funny that one of the videos I checked out on Mark’s site was about my dreaded Turkish Get Ups (Kettle Bell exercise)!

  5. Eat Em Says:

    I would be impressed in that was your speed on a flat road section ….. 🙂

    I have cracked 50+ kmp on a flat section, on my own, no wind assistance … but couldn’t hold it for more than a few moments.

    Let’s hope thw wind dropped over the weekend … 🙂

    Eat Em

  6. jojo Says:

    very nice, i get scared at 50 when the bike starts wobbling, i am a sooky la la though…lol

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