Up at 5am for a two hour teleconference, but the positive side of that is that when it was finished I actually managed to drag myself out the door for a run before breakfast. It was the first run for the month, and only a short one due to a lack of time before having to get to work. Just under 5km at 5:25 min/km pace. A few little niggles from the right knee during the run, and very tight calves as well.

After work I went out for a bike ride, after fitting my new rear mudguard. Yes, I decided it was better to stay dry than look cool. But it is one that only takes about 3 seconds to take on and off, so I will only use it in the wet, when I figure there won’t be too many other people out and about to see my “uncoolness”. As we were heading out for dinner with friends (pizza and beer again, I’m afraid), it was only a short ride, but I decided to make it a challenging one by doing a few loops of Helmsdale Crescent, the steepest street I know of in my suburb. It is only about 500m long, but very steep. So steep that I have to stand up most of the way up, and even standing it is a very hard ride. The Garmin measures the gradient at about 21% at the steepest points. So, below there’s the elevation profile for tonight’s ride, as you can see I did 5 laps of Helmsdale Crescent, overall just over 12km in just over 35 minutes, average speed of just 20.5 km/hr, but felt like I’d had a workout.

Up early tomorrow for a run with Alex.


2 Responses to “Helmsdale”

  1. Butt, Weight …. Reflections — Bill's Training Blog Says:

    […] have no excuse! I mean, just read the FIRST SENTENCE of this post! The man is a […]

  2. morseyruns Says:

    When I am cycling- I will ride an extra 20km to go around a hill- I never chose to ride up hills- you are mad I tell you!

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