Leadership …

Leadership is hard, or at least I think it is. It comes naturally to some people, but to me it is very hard work. I spent most of today in a training session. I am participating in a leadership training program that incorporates 360 degree survey feedback (from your manager, your direct reports and your peers) and provides you with reports on your leadership styles, your leadership competencies and the workplace climate you create. If there is anything consistent about the reports it is that I am consistently below where I need to be. Todays session was all about interpreting your results and how to create action plans to improve things. It seems a good program, and I’m sure that once I get over the pain (yes, that is what it feels like) of the results that it will have positive results. But it ain’t going to ease the workload any.

One of the problems I face at work is creating SMART goals for myself and my staff, this is one aspect that showed up in the results too. If only it was as easy as it is for my healthy living and exercise goals. The key difference is that I feel in control of those goals, I feel like I can really influence them and there are not all these other things that make them change daily, or influence my ability to achieve them. Oh well, I guess “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”.

I really felt like I needed to blow away the cobwebs after work tonight, so I knew that some form of vigourous exercise was mandatory. I had a great bike ride. I did the “complete every 5km split in less than 11 minutes” thing that I tried the other day, and this time (on a different course to the other day), managed it successfully. A just over 30km ride, with 5km splits of 10:34, 10:17, 10:31, 10:11, 10:11 & 10:41 – average speed over the ride 28.7 km/hr.

Apparently tomorrow is worldwide car-free day, so I might try and ride to work. However there are two things that could stop me. Firstly rain, although as I have my rear splashguard now, that should be less of a problem. Secondly I have another late teleconference tonight (11pm – 2am) so I may not feel like riding when I get up in the morning. We’ll see.


3 Responses to “Leadership …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    Damn, I am on a rest day tomorrow!

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    I was the opposite: I could set SMART goals for work, but not for my personal life. Only when I realized that those skills could easily transfer to planning for weight loss success did I finally start making serious progress.

    Those 360s can be brutal, especially when the comments are accurate. 🙂

    Hang in there and keep working that stress out in such positive ways!

  3. kathryn Says:

    I hate those work assessment type things with a passion. I think one of the benefits of contracting is that I dont’ have to them – go in, do the job and get out, none of this touchy-feely business. I used to work for a company where all assessments were about tearing you down (so they didn’t have to pay you more) so I’m very cynical but if it’s constructive feedback then it’s better to be told.

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