Why don’t they let you smile?

I found out yesterday that I have to go to Singapore on business in the first week of November. After the trouble I had at Singapore Airport last time I travelled – because my passport photo doesn’t look like me anymore – I decided I should get a new passport. The process is fairly easy, fill out a few forms on-line, print off the created application form, make an appointment at the local post office, have some photos taken, pay $220 and wait for 10 business days. The new photo is pretty awful, but at least it does look like me, so hopefully I’ll have less trouble next trip.

Why don’t they let you smile when you’re having your passport photo taken? Is it because everyone is always looking tired and unhappy after queuing in the customs lines at airports?

We’ve also booked another little holiday down to Tassie in December, doing the North-West corner (Burnie, Stanley, Strachan & Cradle Mountain), so I’m looking forward to that already.

A nice bike ride tonight after work, it was the nicest evening (weather wise) for quite some time and I rode down the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail to Gowanbrae and back, just under 30km in about 1:09, clocking up the 500km for the month.


7 Responses to “Why don’t they let you smile?”

  1. Scarlett Says:

    It still astounds me how different you do look in your photo. But you must feel pretty great having looked so different.

  2. Tish Says:

    Probably they want a “real” expression on your face–how most people really feel when they go through all the rigamarole about getting a passport, the standing in line, filling out papers, shelling out money, and posing for pictures. Glad you had a good run.

  3. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    They do the same with driver’s licenses here. Mine looks like a mugshot. Like a mugshot taken in the heat of summer. 🙂

  4. Carla Says:

    Here in Canada too you can’t smile. Imagine this summer when I took my three boys to get our passport photos done, and whenever it was someone’s turn, the other boys would laugh and make faces! We had to do several tries before we got ones where they weren’t smiling! 🙂

    That’s nice to have a vacation to look forward to. I love little trips like that to keep life fun!!!

  5. South Beach Steve Says:

    I have never had a passport, so I had no idea they wouldn’t let you smile. That is crazy.

  6. morseyruns Says:

    I got my new work ID done this week and I am grinning like an idiot! It looks a lot like me. Hope you get through Singapore customs okay now.

  7. jojo Says:

    yeah must be they want us looking haggard and annoyed like we are after long flights.lol

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