Rest day with beer and pizza …

The plan was to get up and run this morning, but as so often happens with me, I stayed in bed instead (sorry Scarlett).

After work I invited the team down to the pub and shouted drinks. It’s just pure coincidence that our annual Employee Opinion Survey launches next week, honest.

Then Adrienne and I headed out for tea to the local pizza joint.

September was a good month for my blog. Firstly, I met up with fellow blogger Alex for a run, which will hopefully turn into a regular running partnership. Second, lots of new readers and commenters, which of course leads to lots of great new blogs to read. Thirdly, the busiest month this blog has ever had with over 3,300 hits.

BB, Singapore in November is just a week long work trip.


5 Responses to “Rest day with beer and pizza …”

  1. Josie Says:

    Congrats on the good “blog month”!

    I love your header at the top with the picture of you running and biking. Awesome.

  2. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy Says:

    Pizza and beer rock. Nice rest day. 🙂

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Great rest day- and good luck with the employee survey- wish you were my boss!

  4. sassydrcil Says:

    I am going for a long run tomorrow – I shall see how it goes!!

  5. Carla Says:

    I’m not surprised about the popularity of your blog, since I myself love it! I love blogging!!!!!

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