Hot 100 – Weekly update 2

Here is my week 2 update for the Hot 100 challenge.

  1. 2010 exercise goal.
    To continue to exercise regularly;
    – exercise on average at least 6 hours per week
    – maintain the intensity of exercise and burn an average of > 4,000 calories per week
    For the Hot 100 I’m going to stretch the goals a bit;
    – stay 10% ahead of both measurements by the end of 2010
    – succeed in both measurements in 12 out of the 15 weeks between now and the end of 2010
    This week 6.16 hours of exercise, for 4,636 calories. Averages year to date are 6.62 hours (10.4% ahead) and 4,453 calories (11.3% ahead).
  2. 2010 weight and body fat goal
    To continue to eat a sensible and balanced diet, and;
    – maintain my weight within the 70-75kg range
    – maintain my body-fat percentage within the 15-20% range.
    This weeks result is 71.2 kg (down 300g from last week) and 17.7% body fat. Year to date results; average 72.6 kg, minimum 70.9 kg, maximum 74.4 kg.
  3. 2010 bicycle distance goal
    To ride 5,000km in 2010
    This week 137 km, year to date 3,938 km, which is 198.3 km (or 14.5 days) ahead of schedule. 1,062 km left to reach 5,000 km.

So, successful on all goals both weeks so far.

Today we started our Saturday as usual with our fruit, veg and meat shopping at Victoria Market, then we had a successful shopping trip to Highpoint. We got a suitcase for Kate marked down by $120, then I got four shirts (three work and one casual) for $135 in a Myer sale. I also managed to get the iPad Camera Adapter I haven’t been able to find previously.

Then home to watch what turned out to be a very disappointing AFL Grand Final replay. I got so bored with it that I went and repaired a couple of curtain rails that I been supposed to do for months now (the cord was frayed and needed to be replaced). Then I headed out for a bike ride, absolutely beautiful weather and the first time for this season that I’ve ridden in just my bike knicks and a light jersey, a few more days like today and those tan lines will start coming back. The ride was 25.6 km in just over 56 minutes.


8 Responses to “Hot 100 – Weekly update 2”

  1. Em Says:

    It was a bit of a let down, I gave up after the third quarter and then refused to watch the news

  2. Veronica Says:

    Wow, wonderful job meeting your goals. I love how specific you made them!

  3. Tish Says:

    That must have been a truly pitiful game for you to desert it for curtain rod repair duties! Sorry. Good for you for you Hot 100 progress. We’re 10 days down, 90 to go!

  4. Vicki M. Says:

    Great job on your goals!

  5. Kat Says:

    Congrats on your progress so far! Keep up the good work!

  6. hotmess10 Says:

    6 hours of working out? Good for you.

    Our farmer’s markets start to wind down in October b/c it gets so cold.

  7. Carla Says:

    It’s great to see you doing so well with your goals!!! I love it!

    It’s funny to hear about your weather getting nicer, when here it’s getting colder! It is still beautiful though and the yucky weather won’t be around until November if we’re lucky.

  8. South Beach Steve Says:

    You are doing great so far Andrew!

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