Blah (revisited) …

Another even more blah, and very similar day, so another short post.

I am feeling so tired. More tired than I have felt for a while. It seems to me that even if I worked 24 hours a day for the rest of the year that I couldn’t catch up. I’m dropping so many balls, and am so far behind it is so demotivating. At least I don’t have a meeting tonight, but do have to be at work early in the morning for one.

It was Ride To Work day today and I had planned to ride, but when I saw the weather this morning I wimped it. Riding in the rain is not a favorite thing of mine. Another short home workout after tea.

3 Responses to “Blah (revisited) …”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    sounds like you are given more work than you should be

  2. South Beach Steve Says:

    Wow AJH, I can totally relate to you on this one! I feel really behind right now too, and quite honestly, I am so exhausted from the extra long hours that I am becoming ineffective. Got to change that.

    Have a good day.

  3. kathryn Says:

    Ride to work day is always a bit of a cop out to me. Someone can ride to work one day of the year and feel good about it… what about the rest of the year? I guess if you get ppl to do it once, it might make them realise it’s not so bad.

    Maybe they need a ‘don’t road rage ppl on bikes’ day just to make things safer though.

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