2011 Goals?

I’ve been mulling over a few goals for 2011, here’s some I’ve been thinking about.

  1. Run a 10km race “under your age”.
    So, for example next year I’ll be 52 years of age, so complete a 10km race in less than 52 minutes. I’d like to make this a perpetual goal every year for as long as I can keep doing it.
  2. Run a strong half-marathon.
    The ultimate goal would be to beat my current HM PB (1:43:35). To do this I’d have to run the HM at the same pace I ran last weekends 10km race (4:55 min/km). If I can train properly, without reinjuring myself, I think a new PB is achievable, but I’d be happy with just a strong run.
  3. Virtual Tour de France.
    I got this idea from Pippa’s blog. To ride a “virtual Tour de France” I mean cover the same amount of kilometers as the tour riders do. I’m thinking that riding a virtual 2010 TdF, and completing it prior to the finish of the 2011 TdF would be an extremely challenging goal. This would mean riding 3,642km between 1st Jan and 24th July, which is about 30% more per day than this years “5,000km in 2010” goal.

What do you reckon about them? I’m not really game enough to list it above, but I’m even thinking that if the HM goal goes well, maybe the other “m” word could be contemplated?

I actually managed to get back on the bike tonight, first ride for a week. It was a good one too, only 23km but a decent pace of just over 29 km/hr. Then a 20-minute home workout after tea.


12 Responses to “2011 Goals?”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    I’d like to run 10k in 90 minutes using the same logic. Come on 2048.

  2. South Beach Steve Says:

    I love #3!

  3. Jaykay Says:

    I think it’s great that you’re already thinking about your goals for 2011. I’m still trying to figure out what mine are for 2010!

  4. katsmumblings Says:

    Knowing you, you will do these goals quite easily. A committed person in very rarely beaten. Just don’t go saying that ‘M’ word too early .. keep it secret from your body till it’s too late for it to back out. lol

  5. Veronica Says:

    You’re 52?! I haven’t seen a lot of pics of you but I thought you were in your early 30s!! This running thing must keep you young! I love your goals. I had to laugh at the time on your current half-marathon b/c the only time I ever dared to do one, it took me 3 hours! A lady that walked the whole thing came in just half an hour behind me. It was pretty embarrassing but I was still proud to have finished it. I’m sooo not a runner. Good luck with these!

  6. Veronica Says:

    I accidentally left that comment with my recipe website URL so I’m leaving another one with my weight loss one so I don’t confuse you!

  7. Sharon Says:

    Number three is such a brilliant idea! And if you did decide to go for the other “M word” which event would you do?

    ps: Veronica, my only half marathon took 3 hours too

  8. Em Says:

    Virtual TdF. that’s a good idea, especially if you can find a few HC climbs as well :-p


    But the Virtual Tour is a great idea 🙂

    At 36 I think I am a few years off running 10km under my age 😦

  9. cilla Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. Inspirational.

  10. Ewen Says:

    Where are you going to find 19k climbs for the virtual tour?

    I like the strong half idea — you’re in with a chance of bettering your PB. Running your 10k age shouldn’t be too hard. The older you get the easier it gets!

  11. Pippa Says:

    Well, Andrew, I’m rooting for you for all three, but I’m especially thrilled by the thought of having a REAL cyclist do a virtual TdF with me. Booyah!!

    And you’ll overtake me somewhere before the next TdF starts, you being all fit and experienced, what a thought. Can’t wait!

  12. 100reasonstogokayaking Says:

    Like the idea of writing a blog like this addressing the bucket list for the year! Inspiring to say the least! You have my full support for what it’s worth and I will check back to see your progress. Consider this page bookmarked. Happy New Year!

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