Some nice new shoes (and socks) …

Some nice new shoes (and socks) arrived in the mail today, in the form of the package I ordered from Running Warehouse last week. I decided to take advantage of the strong Aussie dollar and ordered from this US based website (I have used them before).

I got another pair of Saucony Hurricanes, my favourite running shoe, this time the Hurricane 12.

I also ordered five pairs of my favourite Thorlo thick running socks as many of my current pairs have been worn so much they are wearing very thin.

Including delivery charges, the shoes and socks were cheaper than the price I would have paid for the shoes alone here. It really is ridiculous isn’t it, we’re getting ripped off over here. Given that the Thorlos are pretty close to $30 here if not on special, I’ve saved close to $150.

Just a 30-minute  home workout tonight.


9 Responses to “Some nice new shoes (and socks) …”

  1. offthelongrun Says:

    Nice – what exchange rate did you get and how long from order to receipt?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Not sure of the exchange rate until I get the credit card statement. I ordered the Saturday night prior to MM, so eight days (5 working days).

  3. Veronica Says:

    Sweet! Glad you could save some money! I think you’re the ONLY person I have contact with in Australia.

  4. katsmumblings Says:

    Yeah that’s the way to buy brand names unless you are an adidas addict – I go to the factory outlets and get my runners for $130 instead of the $260 they are normally. And if they are ever even cheaper I buy two or three pairs and just put them away till I need them.

  5. AndrewENZ Says:

    It’s annoying that Brooks have stopped Running Warehouse from shipping their products overseas. I’ll have to use my freightforwarding address!

  6. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Oooh, nice kicks! Thanks for the link to RW. I’m starting to need a new pair and it’s nice to have an option if my local running store is too expensive.

  7. Kathy Says:

    Sounds good Andrew. Now to use those socks heaps and wear them thin!

  8. Sharon Says:

    Thorlos are such a great price overseas aren’t they? I stocked up when I was in Spain as they were just under $8 AUD there!

    I need new shoes too so will check out the link – thanks 🙂

  9. Ewen Says:

    One of my training partners always orders from them. I’m hanging out to try a pair of the Saucony Kinvaras, but will try them on locally first (when they arrive).

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