Hot 100 – Weekly update 5

Here is my week 5 update for the Hot 100 challenge.

  1. 2010 exercise goal.
    To continue to exercise regularly;
    – exercise on average at least 6 hours per week
    – maintain the intensity of exercise and burn an average of > 4,000 calories per week
    For the Hot 100 I’m going to stretch the goals a bit;
    – stay 10% ahead of both measurements by the end of 2010
    – succeed in both measurements in 12 out of the 15 weeks between now and the end of 2010
    This week 6.03 hours of exercise, for 4,542 calories. Averages year to date are 6.51 hours (8.6% ahead) and 4,412 calories (10.3% ahead).
  2. 2010 weight and body fat goal
    To continue to eat a sensible and balanced diet, and;
    – maintain my weight within the 70-75kg range
    – maintain my body-fat percentage within the 15-20% range.
    This weeks result is 72.0 kg (up 900g from last week) and 17.2% body fat. Year to date results; average 72.6 kg, minimum 70.9 kg, maximum 74.4 kg.
  3. 2010 bicycle distance goal
    To ride 5,000km in 2010
    This week 123 km, year to date 4,234 km, which is 179 km (or 13.1 days) ahead of schedule. 766 km left to reach 5,000 km.

Interestingly, although I put on 900g, my body fat was down and my hydration percentage was up, so I think most of the increase may be fluid. Still well within the target weight range.

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary – can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to have someone put up with me for that long. We’re planning on going out for tea tonight with some close friends which will be great.

For Veronica, here are the pictures I promised of the “boss of our house”.


Jackie, when she was a little puppy.

Some more recent photos of Jackie.


10 Responses to “Hot 100 – Weekly update 5”

  1. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy Says:

    Congrats on the anniversary!!

    Adorable pup!

    Very nice on the goals, keep it up!

  2. Tish Says:

    Awww–Cute little puppy. I can see how she got to be the boss! Congratulations to the both of you on your anniversary–28 years. Good job on your goals–you inspire me.

  3. Veronica Says:

    Great job on the goals! Thank you for posting pics of the boss–she is just ADORABLE!! I keep looking at her puppy picture and every time I scroll back up, I can’t help but go “awwww!” She could wrap anyone around her little paw with that face. What breed is she–a terrier? Congrats on the anniversary!

  4. sassydrcil Says:

    Congrats. Awwww. To both the puppy and the anniversary.

  5. offthelongrun Says:

    28 years! well done both of you – a fair achievement

  6. South Beach Steve Says:

    What a cute looking dog! Oh, happy anniversary too!

    AJH, you are a machine – I love how your goals seem to just be something to be conquered! Good job!

  7. Karen Says:

    Happy anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment in this day and age:) And good job on your goals.

  8. Sara Says:

    That is one cute puppy! I want one!
    Happy anniversary.

  9. Ewen Says:

    Hope you had a good night Andrew. With the body fat %, is that off a set of scales that measure that result? Just that I’ve heard some are more accurate than others. I guess it’s the comparison that’s the important thing. Well done with the goals this week. If only we could all age as gracefully as Jackie!

  10. Shauna Says:

    Happy belated anniversary! That’s great…so many years! Eventually my husband and I will make it to that long…right now we’re at 9½ years. 🙂

    What a cute dog! I imagine he’s got you all wrapped around his little paw!

    I’m Shauna, from the Hot 100 group! It’s nice to meet you!

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