Yesterday after I posted, I headed out for a run, 8km at 5:28 min/km pace. What an amazing day yesterday was, typical Melbourne, in the morning we were in our raincoats at the market, in the afternoon the sun was out and it was steamy and hot for the run.

We had a nice dinner out last night at Tica Tera in Lygon St. I had a nice Pescatore wood-fired pizza. We opted out of desserts and went for a walk up Lygon St and got a gelati instead. My two scoops choices were Rich Belgian Chocolate and White Chocolate, disgustingly delicious! Am I the only one who really doesn’t like the “touters” who roam the street and try and talk you into their restaurants?

Jackie, our little Jack Russell Terrier, wasn’t very well last night, and consequently we didn’t get much sleep, but fortunately she seems better today.

I was up early this morning as I’d arranged to meet Herb at his place for a ride at 8am. We had a nice leisurely 39km ride around the Capital City Trail, including a stop for coffee at the Team Degani Cycling Cafe in Docklands. This included a near run in with all of the Spring Into Shape runners who were also using the Yarra path.

Back at home, time to do a few jobs. Mowed and edged the lawns, replanted one of our vegetable gardens with tomato plants and did a little bit of tidying up in the garage (still a long way to go though).

I actually cooked tea tonight too, on my own, a rare occasion in this house I’m afraid. I have to say it was very nice too, and healthy. I did a Wagyu beef topside roast in the BBQ, along with baking some mushrooms and asparagus in there too. To accompany that a simple salad of mixed lettuce leaves, tomato and snow peas (from our garden).

We have had word from Kate and she has reached Atiu safely after spending a day in Raratonga.

Ewen, yes the BF% reading (along with the hydration and muscle percentages) are from my scales, which use impedance analysis. I know they are not very accurate, and the results do seem to vary some weeks, still best I have available, and as you say, the long-term variations are what to look for (and for me at the moment I really think stability is what I want).


6 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Blues Buffett Says:

    Hi Andrew

    I felt great after today’s 10k – I’ve done the course a few times now and I’m doing 10k+ in training a fair bit.

    Hope the JR is doing okay – our dog Max is a JR too.

  2. Vicki M. Says:

    Okay, I guess I’m just a typical American, because when you said, “cooked tea” at first I imagined you brewing a pot of tea, and wondered why that was such a rare occasion! Of course on reading the rest of the paragraph, I understood.

  3. Tish Says:

    Great report. I love that you’re moving into summer with your exercise and running. I’m planning to enjoy it vicariously for the next several months.

    In answer to your question about the W&OD trail I mentioned, it’s part of a large network of former railroad rights of way which have been converted to multi-use trails (bike, running, etc but no motorized vehicles). Here’s a web site where you can find a trail in any state.

  4. Carla Says:

    I could use some of that hot steamy weather, it’s getting cold here!!!

    Your meals are making my mouth water!!! 🙂 How do you get so much done on the weekends after a long week at work? I just feel like lying in bed all weekend!!!

  5. Ewen Says:

    Thanks Andrew.

    I’d be finding 8k at 5:28/k on the hard side at the moment. That’s another thing I like about Melbourne… wait 15 minutes and you’ll have perfect weather.

  6. morseyruns Says:

    The weather has been perfect lately! Though I have been struggling in the mornings as it is still chilly out here in the outer outer suburbs.
    What else have you planted in the vegie patch? (I am a little obsessed with veggies now)

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