Happy birthday …

Today is my darling wife Adrienne’s birthday, so I took an annual leave day to spend together. We had a couple of errands to run first thing, including dropping some donated items off at the Lost Dogs Home. Then we went into Lygon St for a browse around some shops and lunch. We went to University Cafe, one of our favorite little restaurants and both had seafood risotto. Their seafood risotto is delightful, the best I’ve ever had.

On the way home we called in to Airport West shops on the off chance I could get in and get my hair cut. I’ve got a week business trip to Singapore next week, so thought I should make myself look respectable. Fortunately, Elio who has cut my hair for about 20 years, fitted me straight in.

I got out on the bike for a ride late afternoon. A nice quick ride, 26km at just under 29km/hr.

Then, when Chris got home from work we went out for dinner. Tonight it was Cafe Chartreuse in Niddrie, and another beautiful meal. For me a grilled salmon fillet with salad and a poached pear and ice cream dessert. Two meals out on the one day is a bit decadent, but your wife only has a birthday once a year!

Sara, we have had lots of broccoli, but they’ve all been very loose heads, not nice tight heads like you usually get (does anyone know what causes this?). We also had some carrots, but they were disappointingly small, as were our peas. Our snow peas have been the most successful thing so far, heaps of them and they taste beautiful. The other thing is they’re so easy just to grab and eat when you’re out in the garden. We’ve also got some chilli plants and various herbs.


7 Responses to “Happy birthday …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    Happy birthday Adrienne!
    I didn’t plant broccoli because I hate it! But our snow peas have gone crazy also- last week Dean and I stood in the garden after work and ate them straight off the plant until we were nearly too full for dinner! I

  2. kineticspirit Says:

    Wow, exercising and eating well when you could have come up with all sorts of rationalisations not to, that’s impressive.

  3. Tish Says:

    Happy birthday to your wife. It sounds like you had a nice celebration. That’s the kind we go for–a nice time together without too much fuss. I’m very impressed with your time (assuming I’m calculation km to miles properly!!, 10km=6.2 miles, right?). I’m a slow biker (10m/hr), but I enjoy it just the same.

  4. Sharon Says:

    Happy Birthday to your wife, it’s so nice to read what you wrote about her 🙂

  5. The Lost Dogs' Home Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for the kind donations, the Dogs and Cats at The Lost Dogs’ Home really appreciate any donations, either being blankets, jumpers, food or kitty litter! Especially now as we are soon to enter the kitten breeding season, its a busy time for us!

    Thank you once again for your support!


    The Lost Dogs’ Home Team, Dogs and Cats! 🙂

  6. Veronica Says:

    Happy birthday to the wifey!

  7. Ewen Says:

    I’ll give you a hot tip Andrew. There’s a nice lady at a “Salon” on Elizabeth St (just up from the bike shops) that does a great haircut for $10 🙂

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