Packing …

Just packing the suitcase, and have decided not to stress too much about exercise while on the business trip, I think I probably deserve a rest week. I have packed one pair of shorts and a running shirt and my bathers, but I think with early starts, late finishes, team dinners and being sociable, I don’t expect too much time being available. I’ll just have to be good on the food front.

Next check-in will be from steamy Singapore!

Edit: Arrived safely in Singapore, and as expected it is steamy. A steamy 26C even at midnight! A fairly uneventful, but slightly turbulent flight. No good movies on the flight, so spent it watching episodes of The Office (British version) on my iPad, and episodes of Modern Family, The Office (US version) and The IT Crowd on the Singapore Airplines entertainment system.

So much for being good, I haven’t started off too well. A beer at Melbourne Airport, a few red wines on the plane and we just went for a walk down to Orchard Rd and called in for a Tiger (Singapore beer) at one pub, and then a pint of Guiness at an Irish pub. Better go to bed me thinks!

5 Responses to “Packing …”

  1. Tish Says:

    Hope you have a great week, Andrew. Or at least a productive week, business-wise, and don’t do too much damage on holding the line on the diet front. Surely you can find a business friend to be sociable with by going out for a run together. I challenge you!

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Safe travels, Andrew! Enjoy your “break week”!

  3. Scarlett Says:

    Stay safe Andrew! And have a great time 🙂

  4. jojo Says:

    well you may not be feeling like youre being good-but sometimes letting your hair down is a good thing 🙂

  5. sassydrcil Says:

    come and party with us in HK!! or Tokyo!

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