Another night shift last night, got home about 9am this morning. Slept for most of the morning, headed out for a ride mid afternoon but only got to the end of my street and it started to rain. Headed home and watched Judge Judy, then tried again. This time managed about 18km, then felt like that was enough.

I stuffed up this morning when I dialed into my teleconference. I thought that the previous nights teleconference would have been the last number I dialed, so I hit the redial button on my desk phone. I’d forgotten about the call to home I’d made, and I woke my darling wife up at 1am before I had a chance to realize what I’d done.

I’m going to see Metallica with Chris tonight, then it will be straight into work for the last of these damned night meetings.
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4 Responses to “Metallica”

  1. Ewen Says:

    I’m jealous. Don’t forget the earplugs 😉

  2. JH Says:

    I wouldn’t mind either. It would make a change from Leonard Cohen (I went last weekend)

  3. morseyruns Says:

    I rang my parents once instead of a friend who was on nightshift- not happy!

  4. shauna Says:

    OMG Metallicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hope you enjoyed it, woohoo! Flames ahoy! (saw them in belfast in may and it was ace)

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