Had a bit of a sleep-in this morning, then headed over to Highpoint for what was a fairly unsuccessful shopping trip (looking for a book in Borders, that they didn’t have).

After lunch I was looking at the rainy cold weather and thinking disappointedly that I wouldn’t be getting out on the bike this weekend, when I thought to myself, “Just HTFU and go for a ride in the rain”. So I did. It was drizzling when I left, but it didn’t rain much at all on the ride, so I was really glad I went. There was a fair bit of surface water on the bike tracks, so I proceeded slowly in a few spots. The Moonee Ponds Creek was fuller, and flowing faster, than I have seen for quite a while. I did my usual Greenvale-Strathmore loop, but added a bit extra to the end, riding up to Roxburgh Park and back along Somerton Road, which also adds in a couple of hills. A very enjoyable ride, despite the cold wind, just under 35km in just under an hour and a half.

I just had a weird experience with Book Depository. I told the kids I was ordering a couple of books and asked if they wanted anything. Chris said he did and looked some books up on his Macbook. When I was ready to order, I took my laptop into his room to add his purchase. We noticed that for some reason, Book Depository was offering him a higher discount (39% instead of 15%) on the same book. When we looked up the books I was going to order on his Macbook they were the same, higher discounts on his laptop. Weird, huh? So, we just ordered them all using his laptop and saved a few more dollars. Maybe Book Depository favor Mac users?
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10 Responses to “HTFU”

  1. sharonljames Says:

    Oh I placed a book depository order last week from my Mac…hope i got a discount 🙂

  2. morseyruns Says:

    That is weird- but even more weird is that you are ordering actual books instead of ebooks! Though I don’t know if you can share ebooks like you can normal books?

    • Em Says:

      You can share if you are on the same account, Jason and I have ours on one Amazon account, but that’s the only way it can be done that I know of.

  3. JH Says:

    I’d be a bit worried if I owned a Borders store. Why would their customers trek out to one of the shops when they can order what they want, considerably cheaper, from online?

  4. Dawn Says:

    That is strange. Does he use a different web browser?

  5. Eat Em Says:

    Don’t you hate weekends with no bike ride.
    Michelle & I did a late morning ride on Saturday but got caught in a very heavy downpour – but we still had fun.

    We will be at Amy’s Ride with the crew from Kaos again …
    Not sure about the GOOCR as yet – depends on ultra training and any possible clash with events.

    Good luck with the books

    Eat Em

  6. Andy Says:

    Everyone should favor Mac users so we can get rid of that pesky windows crap

  7. cilla Says:

    Macs rock.
    What are the little pattern-y things at the end of your posts?

    • ajh Says:

      They are diagrams made out of ASCII characters, supposed to be a cyclist and a runner. On the days I run I put the runner, on days I cycle I put the cyclist. I guess that the fact you had to ask that question, probably means they’re not very good 😦

  8. Ewen Says:

    Maybe they think Mac users are all poor students. Nice going to get out there in the rain. It was the same for us with running this arvo. Think I’d prefer to run than ride in the rain!

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