More childhood memories …

The other day when I was thinking about my favourite cartoon character I was also reminded of some other childhood favourites who didn’t quite qualify as “cartoons” because they are puppet-like characters rather than being drawn.

Here are some of them that I remembered very fondly. Did any of them play a part in your childhood too?

There is one of them that had a bit of a cult following as late as my university years, and a group of us in my hall of residence used to get up early on a Saturday morning every week to watch. Can you pick which one that was ?

Another bike ride tonight after work, again very windy but at least it was sunny and dry. I was happy with the pace too for a solo, windy ride – 27km @ 29 km/hr.
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8 Responses to “More childhood memories …”

  1. sharonljames Says:

    I don’t know who some of them are so I am going to guess it’s one of those puppet type ones?? (the third or second last?)

    LOVE basil brush (? hope i am remembering that right) and I used to watch the show that has that cute dog in front of the carousel…but I can’t remember what it’s called??

  2. blues buffett Says:

    We love Basil Brush. Have probably five of the newer series DVDs.
    Boom Boom!

  3. blues buffett Says:

    Answers are easy: just hover the mouse over the picture. I hated it when Noddy went digital.

  4. Alex Says:

    Ha – as we’re roughly the same age, they all played apart – Have you seen the latest Magic Roundabout? Dylan is still slow but he appears worse for wear on some substance abuse.

  5. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    I’m so pitiful; I don’t recognize any of those characters. Maybe it’s early dementia setting in.

  6. sassydrcil Says:

    I met another Haysom from Essendon today – you are not related.

  7. Jaykay Says:

    I loved Andy Pandy, and The Magic Roundabout. I remember them all, but as we are around the same age, and were both born in the UK, it makes sense really doesn’t it 😀

    Andy Pandy’s coming to play, la la la la la laaaa

  8. Addaction Says:

    Was Douglal on speed? Did Ermintrude eat too many magic mushrooms and if Brian is on downers, what’s the point.

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