Disconcerting phone call …

I dropped my car into the local Ford dealer this morning at 7:30 on the way to work for it’s 120,000km service. At about 1:30 this afternoon I got a rather disconcerting phone call from them. They were checking up on my booking and asking when, or if, I was going to bring in my car! My first thought – “they’ve lost my car”. The comeback was quick though, blamed it on some duplicate paperwork, and rang back a few minutes later to confirm all was okay, then again a bit later to authorize some additional work. Some $600 later and hopefully all okay to see us through our holiday with no problems.

Yay, no more work for a couple of weeks. We’re sailing to Tasmania tomorrow night on the Spirit of Tasmania, looking forward to some relaxing times in NW Tasmania, back on Dec 13th.

Just a home workout tonight due to more very heavy rain in Melbourne.

5 Responses to “Disconcerting phone call …”

  1. JH Says:

    I bet they won’t lose the bill

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Call Me Ishmael Says:

    Had to laugh at JH’s comment! Too true. Have fun on the Tasmania — it looks rather huge. How long of a trip is it? Pumpkin pie is a lovely spicy pie we make here for Thanksgiving (and other holidays). It’s one pie crust filled with pumpkin mixed with spices and all sorts of yummy things. A traditional pumpkin pie isn’t overly sweet. But sometimes people like to add marshmallow, which makes it very sweet. And there’s also a version that uses sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin — so sweet potato pie, which looks very similar to pumpkin but is, naturally, sweeter. Of course, people often use pumpkin in all sorts of other dishes as a regular vegetable — it is a veg, really, but I always think of it in pie form or nothing!

  4. sharonljames Says:

    Have a wonderful time n Tassie 🙂

  5. Ewen Says:

    That takes me back. Went on the Spirit in 2001. We liked “tropical north” Tassie (Burnie) but covered the whole state. It was October, but snowed at Lake St Clair. If you take the rain with you, send it down to the south pole. We’ve had enough!

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