Last night we went and looked for the penguins coming into their nests from their day out at sea fishing. Burnie is one of very few cities that have penguins nesting so close (literally hundreds of metres) to the city. Here is one cute little fellow outside his nest, only a couple of metres off the main boardwalk.

This morning we drove to Stanley, stopping on the way at Waterwheel Creek for a “timber pioneer experience”, which was very interesting. We had a guided tour through the forest seeing all the different sorts of trees as well as “working demonstrations” of how the timber was handled in years gone by. We were accompanied by the guide’s absolutely mental (but gorgeous) cattle dog, Bailey. He loved chasing and attacking everything that moved including train bogey wheels, cables and logs. We also called in to “The Big Tree” (a giant stringybark) and Dip Falls which were flowing very strongly after all the recent rains. Here’s a shot of Dip Falls.

Adrienne did a wonderful job of choosing our accomodation in Stanley. They are beautiful little eco-cabins on a private stretch of beach. Well appointed and very comfortable, and here is the view from our front balcony.

No real excuse for not going for a run in the morning is there! Not with a venue like that! We went for a nice long walk along the beach this afternoon and there are in fact two things that will make a run difficult. The first is that the sand is deceptively spongy in a lot of places, which will make it quite difficult to run on. The other thing is these little critters, which there are literally thousands of, along much of the beach. It was difficult walking through some spots, would be impossible to run without squashing a few crabs.

It’s not easy to tell from the photo, but they are tiny little crabs, no larger than a five cent piece.

We’re here for three nights. I think it will be a lovely relaxing place to be.

Ewen, we haven’t been up The Nut yet, but we walked past today and I was reminded how steep the walking track up it was. I think a “run up” The Nut will be a challenge, maybe a walk up, or more likely a chairlift ride up 🙂 We are heading to Strahan from here for two nights and have the Gordon River cruise already booked.


4 Responses to “Stanley”

  1. sharonljames Says:

    Gorgeous Photos – I love Tasmania…your so lucky to run there

  2. kathryn Says:

    We used to have to walk up the Nut in my school days (way before they built the chairlift). It’s a damn steep track.

    Btw they used to make the best potato salad ever at the Stanley pub. Not sure if they still cos that was many, many years ago now.

  3. Call Me Ishmael Says:

    A penguin!! OMG, have never seen one outside of a zoo, and they never look really happy in that setting. What a trip. Lovely beach too. Too bad there are mini crabs everywhere spoiling your run — but I can’t imagine it would feel nice to crunch them under your feet as you go!

  4. Ewen Says:

    I’ve got a confession to make… we took the chairlift too! Missed that luge slide. Must be new. Looks fun!

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