At least it didn’t rain in Adelaide!

Nothing much except wind and rain here in Stanley today, so it’s going to be a very lazy day. But at least it didn’t rain in Adelaide and I got to watch my beloved England go one up in the battle to retain the Ashes!

So, we ventured in to Stanley to get a nice cooked breakfast at a local cafe, and had a look around a nice little art gallery, bought some nice local bread and cheese from the local provedores, some chocolate and lollies from the Ye Olde Lolly Shop, papers and a couple of magazines from the newsagent, and back to our accommodation to wait out this rain.

Tonight we’re heading out to see some friends, who we haven’t seen for over a year, for dinner.

Edit: I’ve just returned from an aborted run along the beach. I headed out when the rain had seemed to slow, but after only a few minutes the wind picked up and it started to pour down again so I turned around and headed for home, only about 1km I’m afraid. I tried a few exercises when I got back but that was shortlived too because anything that required lying on the floor was very uncomfortable due to the hardwood floor. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts!


3 Responses to “At least it didn’t rain in Adelaide!”

  1. chrisfit2009 Says:


  2. JH Says:

    I’m sure that qualifies as treason somehow. We might have to send you back to England – perhaps we can swap you for Julian Assange.

  3. jojo Says:

    sometimes you gotta know when to fold’em

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