Hot 100 – Weekly update 12

Here is my week 12 update for the Hot 100 challenge.

  1. 2010 exercise goal.
    To continue to exercise regularly; – exercise on average at least 6 hours per week – maintain the intensity of exercise and burn an average of > 4,000 calories per week
    For the Hot 100 I’m going to stretch the goals a bit; – stay 10% ahead of both measurements by the end of 2010 – succeed in both measurements in 12 out of the 15 weeks between now and the end of 2010
    Being away on vacation has caused me to miss this goal again. This week 2.4 hours of exercise, for 1,955 calories. Averages year to date are 6.27 hours (4.4% ahead) and 4,313 calories (7.8% ahead). It was also my fourth missed week since Hot 100 started so I’ve officially missed my “12 out of 15 weeks” stretch goal, and the “10% ahead” stretch goals are also sliding away from me.
  2. 2010 weight and body fat goal
    To continue to eat a sensible and balanced diet, and; – maintain my weight within the 70-75kg range – maintain my body-fat percentage within the 15-20% range.
    Again, no official result this week because I’m away without access to my scales, but again I’m calling it green because I’m pretty sure I’m still within range. probably added 1-2kg but hopefully that will soon go once I get back into my routine.
  3. 2010 bicycle distance goal
    To ride 5,000km in 2010
    This week no bike at all (and I have missed it), but still calling it green as I’m still ahead of plan. Year to date 4,841 km, which is 115 km (or 8 days) ahead of schedule. 159 km left to reach 5,000 km.

It has been another rainy day here at Cradle Mountain. We went out this morning and visited the Tasmanian Devil sanctuary, Devils@Cradle. For those of you from overseas the Tasmanian Devil is a marsupial unique to Tasmania. They have a fearsome reputation, and can be noisy and nasty. Unfortunately they are endangered due to a horrible disease that causes cancerous facial tumours. It has wiped out 90% of the population in the last 14 years. Sanctuaries like the one we visited today are attempting to protect the species by creating “insurance populations”. The disease is believed to be caused by in-breeding, due to the captive population on the island. Selective breeding programs like this are attempting to create some gene lines free of the disease. We chose to sponsor a couple of little devils, one of them was “Ossie” who we were introduced to today. Isn’t he gorgeous!


5 Responses to “Hot 100 – Weekly update 12”

  1. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy Says:

    Vacation makes it tough! Well, it’s over so get over it and double your efforts to make up for lost time! Snap to it! 🙂

  2. sassydrcil Says:

    Looks a bit like my puppy dog.

  3. Karen Says:

    Being on vacation can make exercise hard to squeeze in. Have you ever gone on one of the biking vacations? I know they have them all over the world. Where you have a set itinerary and places to stay and bike from one place to another each day? We have not but my husband and I would like to do a trip like this some year.

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet Says:

    Ossie is, indeed, gorgeous!

  5. Ewen Says:

    I’ll accept your excuses Andrew 😉 It’s always tough on holidays. Tassie Devils aren’t that cute when they’re fighting each other over the evening meal!

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