It’s a jungle out there ..

Home! We had probably our roughest ever Spirit of Tasmania crossing last night, but it still wasn’t too bad, I still managed to sleep ok. We were in the front-most of the standard cabins and I think being in the front of the boat means a bit more movement. It was good to get back home, but one job was obvious as we drove up the driveway. Where my lawn used to be it seemed like a jungle had grown. I’d asked Kate on Facebook the previous day if anyone had mowed the lawns and was told “no”. When I asked if it was long, she replied “well, put it this way, when the dog goes outside, she disappears”.

So, after we’d unpacked and had a bit of a clean-up inside, I headed out to tackle the jungle. It took me about three hours to get it all done, and it was hard work because there was so much growth.

I got out for a bike ride mid-afternoon, it was a delightful day for a ride (pity we couldn’t have had more weather like this on our holiday). It was also a bit of a jungle out on the bike ride too, with lots of overgrowth on the bike path, a tree down in one spot, and even a blue-tongue lizard sunning himself on the bike path. I rode from Greenvale down to Essendon and back, including two little side journey ascents of Gaffney St (one on the way out and one in the way back). I’ve decided I need to add hills whenever I can, to get into shape for some of my 2011 rides. My ride was just over 46km in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

I haven’t been game to hop on the scales yet, I fear I may be over my target, and have until official Saturday weigh-in to get within range. The $150 worth of chocolate we bought at D’Anvers might be an obstacle to that!

Back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to that!


One Response to “It’s a jungle out there ..”

  1. cilla Says:

    $150! wow!

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