Goal met … a good ride

Back to work today, it seems like I’ve not been away, except for all the extra work there is to catch up on.

Out after dinner tonight for a ride, heading out about 7pm. I’m starting to think that the evening really is the best time of day to ride, just as it cools down a little. I decided I would go out for one of my “5km laps under 11 minutes” rides and see if I could sustain this for 30km, and it was hard work, but I acheived my goal with 5km splits of 10:54, 10:32, 10:36, 10:51, 10:48,  & 10:47, total distance of 32.6km in 1:12 (27.3 km/hr). I like this sort of ride, using the lap function to measure each lap, resetting after each 5km, really makes me sustain the effort for the whole ride.


One Response to “Goal met … a good ride”

  1. Eat Em Says:

    Re nite rides

    I rode yesterday morning – South Wharf / Black Rock / Albert Park / Port Melb / South Wharf. Morning was perfect – fresh but not cold – and NO WIND !!
    Michelle & I then rode last nite – Caulfiel / Mordiallic / Port Melb / Caulfield. Great temp but a small head wind heading to Mordy.

    I still prefer mornings but you are right – at least of an evening the temp is better.

    Enjoy teh catch up with work 🙂

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