Hot 100 – Weekly update 13

Here is my week 13 update for the Hot 100 challenge.

  1. 2010 exercise goal.
    To continue to exercise regularly; – exercise on average at least 6 hours per week – maintain the intensity of exercise and burn an average of > 4,000 calories per week
    For the Hot 100 I’m going to stretch the goals a bit; – stay 10% ahead of both measurements by the end of 2010 – succeed in both measurements in 12 out of the 15 weeks between now and the end of 2010
    Another “red” week, with the first few days of the week being the finish of our holiday. I missed the “time” goal by a fair margin, but only just missed the “calorie” part, so despite the “redness” am reasonably happy about the week. This week 4.7 hours of exercise, for 3,836 calories. Averages year to date are 6.23 hours (3.9% ahead) and 4,303 calories (7.6% ahead).
  2. 2010 weight and body fat goal
    To continue to eat a sensible and balanced diet, and; – maintain my weight within the 70-75kg range – maintain my body-fat percentage within the 15-20% range.
    Happy to report after no weigh-in for two weeks due to the vacation, that I am still on track. Official weigh-in showed me at 72.0 kg and 17.9% body fat. It pleases me no end that after two weeks of vacation, that compared to the weigh-in prior to the holiday, I am slightly lighter (100g) with nearly 1% lower body fat. Now if I can just get through Christmas!
  3. 2010 bicycle distance goal
    To ride 5,000km in 2010.
    This week 99 km on the bike. Year to date 4,941 km, which is 133 km (or 10 days) ahead of schedule. 59 km left to reach 5,000 km.

Up early this morning to get Chris and his girlfriend Carly off to the airport for a five day holiday on the Gold Coast, then in to the Victoria Market a little later than usual. As it was a little later, and because of the proximity to Christmas the market was crazy busy, I was glad to get out of there to be honest. I did “save” another shopper at one point today. He was walking past me and slipped on a wet surface, his foot went right out from under him. Fortunately I managed to catch him, as he was only inches from me. I think if I hadn’t been there he would have taken a nasty fall, he was definitely on his way to the concrete floor!

On the way home we called in to Essendon DFO and Dan Murphy to stock up on some wine and beer (well it is Christmas!). We also treated ourselves to a new compact camera, after being a little disappointed with shots from our recent holiday. We bought one of these.

It’s an Olympus 9010, 10 x optical zoom, 14 megapixel, seems like a nice little camera. Hopefully it will help this “ordinary” photographer. Of course, the most photogenic member of the family got chased around the back yard a bit this afternoon once the battery was charged.

I got out on the bike this afternoon for a nice local 30km ride.


4 Responses to “Hot 100 – Weekly update 13”

  1. Ewen Says:

    Nice going with the weight goal — I agree it’s very difficult to stay on track while on holidays.

    Good ‘save’ at the markets! Got to say that most of my digital photos don’t measure up to photos from my old ‘film’ SLR. I’m going to research some higher end digital cameras (up to the $1000 mark) and probably get one on our US trip.

  2. Em Says:

    I’ve got an Olympus, very happy with it.

    Jackie is soooo cute 🙂

  3. Beki Says:

    I think most of my photos are of my cats or food 😆

  4. Karen Says:

    IMO being on track with your weight after two weeks of vacation is quite an accomplishment!

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